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This is a Fan's Heartfelt Tribute to Jane Jacobs

In a time when women were finding their voice, Jane shouted out against a system that was failing New York’s urban communities.

Jane's battle

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For years, Jane fought against the City of New York, and business men like Robert Moses who wanted to "purge" the city of low income housing and replace it with housing projects.

in Jane's Words

Jane's critique did not stop at urban planning: it explored the soul of the city, its victories, its defeats, its people.

... the need of cities for a most intricate and close-grained diversity of uses that give each other constant mutual support, both economically and socially."
Monopolistic shopping centres and monumental cultural centres cloud, under the public relations hoo-haw, the subtraction of commerce, and of culture too, from the intimate and casual life of cities."

— From 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities'

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